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Teaching in Schools

A peripatetic music teacher is a term given to private music teachers that teach through a school. Each music-supporting school will have a few visiting music teachers that come each week that specializes instruments and will provide individual and ensemble lessons. Students usually take these lessons during the day, whether it’s during breaks or during certain classes.

Mark is currently a peripatetic music teacher at Pacific Hills Christian School and Mamre Anglican School, teaching guitar, piano, ukulele and bass.

Mark is also a peripatetic music teacher as part of the Pacific Hills Christian School Hands on Performing Arts program. Here, students have the opportunity to be involved in a huge range of musical activities as part of a small class. Mark teaches a guitar to the Years 3 & 4 class, and Ukulele to the Years 5 & 6 class. He also prepares the class for their termly performance opportunity and the end of year Junior School Art Show.

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