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Who are we?

Johnson Music is a warm and welcoming music school where every students’ musical potential is nurtured and grown. We cater to students of every level, style and genre. Students of Johnson Music leave classes feeling proficient, pleased with themselves, and with a growing passion for musical arts. Mark is an enthusiastic teacher who encourages creativity and excitement in musical learning and performance. Johnson Music is a place where music is celebrated, and where students can grow.

Why Johnson Music?

Tailored Musical Learning

Every student has their own way of learning, and at Johnson Music we take that into account. We cater to each student's needs and wants with their lessons, whether is working on a single bar of music or covering an entire piece in one go. Students are encouraged to learn a variety of pieces they're interested in, as well as learning scales and arpeggios to AMEB exam pieces. Gamified learning is employed, with special consideration of the student’s hobbies.

Family-run school

Johnson Music is owned and run by Mark Johnson, and the faculty is seen and treated as family. Our students’ musical education is of great importance to us not only as musical professionals, but also as family members wanting the best. Your experience with us is made sure to be easy and pleasant, enjoying clear communication and excellent management and support.

Love for Education & Music

Our faculty is made of musicians who are also educators. We understand what goes into a successful musical education, and we feed this knowledge into music lessons at Johnson Music. Young students who love learning music are often seen to thrive in other parts of life. Lessons are rewarding and utilizes gamification to engage students, with our best achievement being a students’ happiness.

Our Mission Statement

Johnson Music strives to provide a quality music education that is fun, engaging, rewarding and remains with a student for life. To facilitate a dynamic music education for beginner to accomplished musicians of all skill levels, bringing out the musician that lies within every student.

The Faculty

Mark Johnson

Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Bass

Mark Johnson is a music teacher and tutor in Sydney. He is a private teacher/tutor and a peripatetic music teacher in several Sydney schools, teaching guitar, piano, ukulele and bass. He holds a Bachelor of Music Performance, majoring in Guitar with electives in Piano, Vocals and Choir. He is currently obtaining his Masters in Teaching Primary. Mark employs gamification principles in his lessons, resulting in a rise in engagement and practice in his younger students. In the past, Mark has been known for his unmatched patience with students, young and old.

Mark has been teaching private and group lessons since 2011, passing his knowledge in music theory and instruments to his students. He has experience in lesson planning that caters to groups and individuals, as well as music theory, which is part of every lesson.

Dela Tamakloe


Dela is the fantastic new edition to the Johnson Music School faculty family. he has been teaching drums to children for all ages with fantastic results. His lessons are always fun, loud, and super energetic. Dela works with youths of all kinds, known for his patience but also his ability to push a student who he believes can be better. Having studied music at TAFE, and worked in music production, Dela is all about the heartbeat of music (the rhythm) and sharing it with the world.

Dela joins our team here at JMS this year at 2020, and we are very excited to add drums to our list of offerings. Dela is all about the rhythm, and it clearly comes out in his teaching and his students.

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